little bottle, big volume

Our volumizing mascara comes in a little bottle but delivers big, beautiful lashes

fresh eyes, delivered monthly

Fresh, high-quality mascara delivered to your doorstep every month

how it works

a better mascara, delivered

Our small bottle and fast delivery means you’ll always have fresh mascara. No more old, clumpy, unsanitary mascara for you – just big beautiful lashes.

complete lash care system

We don’t stop at the perfect little mascara, we’ve also got the perfect little remover and perfect little wipes so it’s easy to have luscious, healthy lashes every day.

choose your frequency

Choose what works for you. Typically, one bottle lasts one month. But, you can get your delivery every month, every other month or even press pause anytime.  

cancel anytime

No sneaky contracts. No long term commitments. You can leave with just a few clicks. We love you and want you to stay but it’s all about freedom, here.

volumizing clump-free mascara

basically, every girl's dream come true

frequently asked questions

All of our products are always: cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral oil free, beeswax free and paraffin free

What is The Best Little Mascara Ever like?

Oh goodness are we excited to answer this one : )  It’s the best!  Here’s why:

THE BRUSH: Our special lash-hugging brush ensures every little and long lash you have gets well coated, maximizing volume and length without sacrificing definition. Plus, its unique shape means your lashes automatically get extra lift and curl. Good deal! And, so pretty.

THE FORMULA: Our proprietary volumizing formula is packed with natural ingredients (over 90% – that’s practically unheard of in mascara!), including the plant-based weightless moisturizer squalane.  Your lashes will love it!  Plus, did we mention NO MORE CLUMPS. A dream come true, we get it.

THE COLOR: Can mascara ever be TOO black? We think not, but we gave it a go.  Steering clear from potentially toxic dyes that you’ll still find in many commercial mascaras (we are looking at you, D&C Black No. 2), ours is what we call Luscious Black… because that is how your lashes will look. So luscious.

LASTING LUSCIOUSNESS: Let’s talk staying power.  Our mascara is not waterproof. But, you might think it is because it will not flake, smudge, sweat or cry off.  Even your post-massage face will be surprisingly put together. 😉  It’s thanks to certain natural ingredients that we can provide this kind of coverage, but the flip side is that it can take an extra bit to remove.  That’s why we also offer the perfect remover and eco-friendly eraser wipes. We’ve got you covered, girl!

AND OF COURSE: All of our products are always: Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Paraben Free | Mineral Oil Free | Beeswax Free | Paraffin Free. Our mascara and wipes are also fragrance free.  That’s a lot of free, because we agree – it’s important.

How does My Little Mascara Club work?

It’s simple.  Once you subscribe you get your little (<4″ tall) bottle of high-quality black mascara (and additional items, as chosen) delivered to your doorstep monthly.  Each bottle has plenty of mascara (4ml) to last the average wearer one full month with daily use.

Your membership renews on the same day of the month, each month, as you placed your original order (ie: if you order on the 7th you’ll always renew on the 7th of each month).  You can change, pause or cancel your membership anytime.

The Best Little Mascara Ever delivers incredible volume, length and curl to your lashes all day, every day, all month long.

Why the little bottle?

Two reasons, really.

1) We ALL know it’s unhealthy to keep a mascara around for too long but often simply forget to buy a new one.  A little bottle provides the right amount needed for a month so you always have fresh, safe mascara to use.  

2) Shorter wands are SO much easier to use.  Once you try it you’ll never want to go back to long mascara wands.  Not only do you have better dexterity since your hand is closer to where you are applying, but you can also get better angles for thicker applications that result in more volume. 

Yay for fresh, easier to use and bigger lashes!

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime, for any reason with just a few clicks.  We hope you’ll stay but we don’t make it hard to leave.

Return + Shipping Policies

RETURN: due to the personal use nature of the product, no returns or refunds are available.

SHIPPING: at this time we only ship to customers in the United States.  All orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail.