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No more raccoon eyes

It really doesn’t smudge. My eyes water a lot and there is no mascara eyes.
Love it

Wait a minute...

Looks like I just put on the prettiest false eyelashes!! My lashes never looked so pretty, long or healthy. I love the easy flow of the formula onto the lashes but not the scratchy edge at the front end of the applicator brush which is quite annoying at first stroke but I adjust for after that. But my biggest pet peeve and greatest sadness is the way the formula crumbles off of my eyelashes a few hours after application. The crumbs get under my contacts and make it impossible to keep them on. I would say that the brush issue and crumbling issue has caused me to seriously consider ending my subscription. I’m reviewing this with 4 stars not 5 (I could not go back up to correctly pick the number I wanted after I finished my review so I am including the revised rating here)

Nice mascara

I have used many different brands of mascara. I am finding that this one has become a favorite.

great mascara

like the small handle, goes on smooth, nice.


LOVE this mascara!! The formula and applicator are soooo good! Long wearing too! It’s a must try!

Great little mascara

A great little mascara. Curling and clumping or flaking. Delivers beautiful lashes everytime.


I’m not a make up person but I would say this mascara is good quality for what I’m looking for. I would say it defines the lashes well without clumping. I actually put it on before bed, intentionally, when I first received it and there was no flaking or running of it through the night. I just allowed it to wear off instead of washing and it was pretty much gone by the next night.

Victoria G.

I love this mascara. It comes off easy with no mess. My lashes have gotten longer than ever before.

Great little mascara

Great size and I love the brush. Easy to remove and lengthens lashes. Love it!!

This mascara really works great!

I love the way my eyes look when I use this mascara. I love the full look!

This mascara is a great quality and I love the price!

So happy I took a chance and tried this mascara, I have been using the same one for years. My friend uses this mascara and suggested that I try it. I am happy I did!

So much for store mascara, I will be buying this mascara for years to come. I love how easy it is to use and how great it looks!

I am pleasantly surprised that I like the smaller tube, it seems it is easier to apply the mascara since it is so close to my eyes.

so much VOLUME! I am in love

I like that the brush is actual brissels. I have found that a lot of the newer mascaras come with silicon brushes and I don't love the way those work as much as the old school ones!

This mascara makes me so happy! My eyes look amazing!

Seriously the best mascara ever!

I love that the mascara is delivered to my house each month and its great mascara too :)

This mascara is amazing, I am happy I took a chance on it! I will buy it again.

I was hesitant to try this mascara, usually I buy my mascara at the store. With covid I don't get out as much as I would like to so I am happy that I found this alternative. I was surprised that I liked the mascara as much as I do.

Definitely my new favorite mascara! I love the deep rich color and how my lashes look.

My eyes look full when I use this mascara, such a great price too!

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