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Awesome formula

I love the product and it is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used.


Little black mascara is a great product!! I love how it lifts and separate my eye lashes with the cure of the brush! I also love that it doesn't leave clumps of product on your eye lashes! Its easy to layer and doesn't look caked on! I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family!!

Love it!

First time I used it, and it felt like it glided onto my eyelashes lol.
Didn’t take me 10+ minutes to get one eye done either 🥴 and I also love how it’s super easy to remove, so 5 stars ✨ from me !

Fallen in love

Never been a big mascara user but I am now since receiving my free sample from this amazing confident building site for women!

Economic solution to makeup wipes

These are the best little pads for micellar water to remove the best mascara ever!

Great product!

I am a mascara snob and I love this product! Works fantastic!


i love that it goes on smoothly and doesn't clump up or flake off!


Easy to apply, cute small applicator, the brush is great. And the tools really separate the lashes nicely!
I definitely will purchase again😍

My Ne Fav Mascara

Clinck on this ad on Facebook just curious... Thought why not give it a shot. Shipped to me quickly. Tried it the day I received it.. And I must say This Mascara is amazing! It goes on without clumping, No flakes miday. My new go to Mascara.

Love this mascara!

I saw the ad on Facebook for My little mascara club and figured I would give it a shot. I already have beauty subscription boxes so I was skeptical about how well it would work. I ordered my first one and signed up for the monthly subscription and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this mascara! It doesn't clump up or dry out quickly like most brands and I love that I get a fresh tube every month. It's perfect size for travel and I never leave home without throwing one in my purse!

Length & Definition - YESSSSS!

This is some of the best mascara I have EVER used. I have daughters, and got the sets for all of us - will check in. My lashes look like extensions with this on! Far better experience for me than the curling, this is now my GoTo mascara. Buildable - not hard & spike-like spider leg lashes, wears well. Highly pigmented. Zero flaking. Withstands movies & Mommy heart-pulling crying. Takes a minute to remove with regular washing but comes off easily with remover. Will buy again & again & again! LOVE

I was so skeptical

I have tried every mascara on the face of the earth . I throw mascara out every month because it is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. ( you know warm dark moist place) I'm a nurse I know stuff. So I try to buy sample sizes. I saw this and I said OK let me try it. OMG this is the best mascara around. 1. small size. 2 dark black black. 3. lengthens like crazy. lasts and lasts. Easy take off, comes off in the shower with water and fingers or just with the micellar water and pads. I Love this Mascara.
That being said, its not just the Mascara, its the company. I am in my 60's and I love the self love messages. The first package with the box and the fortune cookie I thought how cute! But the love continued with each shipment. I love the create happy site, don't get to go there as much as I would like but love it when I do. But most of all I love the message the company gives. I AM worth being here. So as I go to work each morning and I pray let me make a difference in someone's life, I feel I can because I am someone. See what a tube of great mascara can do !

DUET: mascara bundle
Rebecca Patterson

Ok I’ve tried hundreds of mascara because I’m so picky and I think this is by far one of the best products I’ve used!

Little Mascara, Big Results

I love this mascara! It lengthens and curls. I get a lot of volume from it. I have pretty long lashes already but when I wear this I’ve had some people ask me if I’m wearing extensions. Try it out! Yo I won’t be disappointed with the results in this little tube which goes a long way!


It's ok but I wouldn't pay 12 bucks for it again...I have very sparse lashes and it didn't help alot.


I will be using this mascara from now on. I love that you get a new fresh tube every month.


The best clean mascara I have found!

Great Quality

I really love the product and the quality.


Love this mascara! Great formula and there is no clumping! A “must” for your morning routine!

Good Product

Makes my eye lashes look amazing and full! Will definitely recommend.


Loved this mascara! Favorite thing about it is I could continue to apply coat after coat until I got the volume I wanted without waiting g for it to dry in between and without it clumping up or flaking off. This will be a staple in my bag from now on!

Feel so pretty

Feel like a million bucks after each application. A friend asked if I had on fake lashes, nope just mascara 🙂


I love your mascara! The size is perfect and the mascara itself does just as promised. Stays put and looks great!


Product is EXACTLY what is promoted it is. Follow the instructions as to not waiting for the first coat to dry if you want multiple coats. Easy to use, no clumps or flaking and easily washes off. i WILL by again!

great product well worth the $$


I do love this mascara, wish it came in a little bit bigger tube. Wake up without it all over your face and it washes off with out giving you racoon eyes!!

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