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The smaller size makes this mascara so much easier to use. My lashes looked great,no need for falsies
Yesterday in SoFlo it was HOT 90° + AND no melting mascara at all

I don’t have to think about it; it just arrives when I need it! Great product!!

This mascara is so amazing and cute, not to mention that also is a CLEAN, No chemicals and Cruelty Free! They even gave me some nice gifts and I was so surprised ! The mascara is very easy to take off when you wash your face and the lashes look long and beautiful.

Such an awesome product! Just the right size and the quality is top notch!

This is my favorite mascara to use. It goes on very nicely and does not clump and it is easy to take off at the end of the day

I love this mascara. I like how easily it goes on and it does not smudge or smear when I do it and the fact that it is easy to remove at night and it doesn't break my lashes. I would highly recommend this mascara

Excellent value! I love the small size and the fact that my subscription motivates
me to begin using fresh mascara more frequently.

This formula is buildable and doesn’t flake off. It also doesn’t smear on my glasses. It looks like I have lash extensions, but in a really natural way. I absolutely love that it’s a one month supply, so it’s always fresh and super soft with no clumps.

It is the only mascara I will ever buy it's the best they clump they are long and curl I love it!

length + definition formula

absolutely love this mascara, the formula is great and I always get compliments o my lashes. Stays daily with minimal smudging on my top lash line due to heat and oily skin. My go-to mascara!

Love my lashes

I love this mascara!

Truly the best

I wanted to try this subscription and read all the reviews. I struggle with mascara always making me look like a raccoon and it doesn’t helps that I am always touching my face. However this mascara really does not bleed yet comes off easily when you wash your face! Oh yeah and it lengthens and makes my eyes look bigger!

Awesome! No more sensitive eyes! Great length too!

I am on my first month of trying this mascara. I have to say it is awesome! My biggest concern is my sensitive eyes when my mascara would get "old-ish." I was always told to change it up at 3 months, so I was pretty consistent in changing it but there would be times when I would get busy, lazy and ultimately frustrated about trying to find a mascara that I really liked, and my eyes would suffer. They would get itchy, red and uncomfortable. So I thought I would try a subscription to find a mascara that would come to my door before my eyes would get sensitive to the "old" mascara. Well I am more than thrilled that this little mascara doesn't smear on my lower lids like most every other mascara I've tried, it gives me amazing length like no other and it is so comfortable I barely notice I am wearing it!! I am looking forward to my next order before my eyes suffer. Thank you!!

No more itchy eyes

My eyes are super sensitive to all eye makeup including mascara. I happened upon this particular mascara about 6 months ago and have loved it every time I put it on. It does not bother my eyes at all. They do not turn red, itch or burn like they have with other mascaras that I’ve tried in the past. I would definitely recommend!

Sometimes it's clumpy

I find sometimes when I first get the new wand, it is a little clumpy.
After a while it evens out and I really like the mascara.

I like the way it goes on and does not smudge during the day.

Best i have EVER used!

I am so impressed with this mascara. It stays put, has an incredible brush and is even cruelty free. I have so many allergies and this mascara is exceptional!

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