clean cosmetics promise

hi, i'm christie!

Can mascara change the world?

I sure think so.

You see, at My Little Mascara Club, we're doing more than delivering our luscious lash formula to mascara lovers everywhere...

We're also building a community where women can connect and share their wisdom to help lift each other.

our mission is to help women feel better about themselves and life

because THAT has the power to change the world

the truth is...

you're already gorgeous

you don't need makeup to be beautiful

none of us do

but that doesn't mean you'll catch me in public without my mascara 😘

as someone with blonde eyelashes, wearing mascara dramatically changes the way I look

let's just say, my phone doesn't recognize me without mascara

but with one quick application, I suddently have big, bold lashes that help me feel beautiful

[and let me unlock my phone]

mascara gives me a little boost of confidence and makes me feel good about the way I look

it's just that simple

and I want to help other women feel good about themselves

🥰all day every day🥰

that's why i created my little mascara club

it's been a long journey to get to where we are today

but let's start at the beginning

back when creating the perfect mascara was just a dream

in order to do it right, I had to dive deep into the land of lashes

I started by asking mascara enthusiasts the most important question of all...

"what do you want in a mascara?"

overwhelmingly, the responses were:

I want a mascara that finishes the day on my lashes, not my face

I want that long, full, curled lash look

I'm tired of throwing away my mascara before it's empty because it's so clumpy

can't we get gorgeous lashes without so many chemicals?

and, let's not hurt bunnies and other living things in the process, k?

um, why are these still the things mascara doesn't do well 🤔

kinda crazy, if you think about it!

could we create the perfect mascara?

and by perfect, we mean one that seriously smudge-proof

...makes lashes look long + full with just the right amount of curl

...ends the clumping madness packed with clean ingredients

...and of course, is vegan + cruelty-free

the quest begins

I researched mascara ingredients, components, and technologies for months

like, a lot of months

and, WAY too many hours spent in front of spreadsheets

along the way I discovered some nasty secrets

most mascaras contain all kinds of potentially toxic ingredients like parabens, coal tar dyes, and formaldehyde 😲


i knew there had to be a better way

I enlisted over a dozen cosmetic scientists from all around the world

I, and a small army of mascara-lovers, reviewed and field tested over 100 formulas

and guess what,



the best little mascara ever is born

😍check out those curves😍

did you know that a little curve in the brush means a lot of curl in your lashes?

these are the type of secrets we are excited to share

we set out to create the perfect mascara

and I'm happy to report, women everywhere are telling us we aced it

*while enjoying their unforgettable lashes*

why it's the best

remember that checklist?

our mascara: seriously smudge-proof

...makes lashes look long + full with just the right amount of curl

...ends the clumping madness packed with clean ingredients

...and of course, is vegan + cruelty-free 🐇

but we didn't stop there

we also discovered that most women prefer using a shorter wand

if you know you know,

and if you haven't tried it yet, you are in for a VERY happy surprise 🎀

we are out to change the shape of mascara


a shorter wand makes it SO much easier to apply

your hand is closer to your eye [better coordination, more steadiness]

you can get better angles [for beautiful, fanned lashes on the edges]

a smaller mascara is healthier

bye bye bacteria, hello fresh eyes

FDA says toss it out regularly, big ones just last too long

and perhaps best of all

the smaller size also means the tube doesn't dry out and get all clumpy before it's empty

no more throwing away half empty mascaras!


ok, maybe even best-er of all

*we deliver*

so no more 6am DANG IT I FORGOT TO PICK UP NEW MASCARA moments

we'll send you a fresh little mascara every month

and you can one-click-skip-a-month if you have too many

your new mascara concierge will send you a note before your refill ships

it's the easiest membership you've ever met

[we're not the clingy type]

it's truly true

some of our most ravey raving fans come from the fact that our mascara STAYS PUT


it's smudge proof, budge proof, sweat proof, and smear proof

yet it removes with just water💧

like magic, I know

when you get your first mascara you must try this test:

go get a massage

you'll be AMAZED

lashes still 100% luscious

official mascara doctor's orders: go get a massage

[if anyone asks, you are doing science - it's important]

I repeat this test regularly💆‍♀️

just in case!

[my husband is impressed with my dedication to this piece of the science, for sure]

get in on the luscious lashes

ready to get started?

we have an easy three step process to get started with your new favorite mascara

and our subscription model is the perfect way to keep it coming

it comes with everything you need to fall madly in love with your lashes


choose your formula

we have two amazing mascara formulas for you to choose between

[but just two - we make it easy]

try one, or both!


choose your add-ons

we provide pro tips and tools so you can have your best lashes ever

snag the products you need to upgrade your AM mascara application routine, your PM removal routine, and a cute bag too!


choose your happy

did we mention we are obsessed with our #createhappy mission?

each month we'll send something designed to help you enjoy and share more happy moments


at the end of the day, helping women feel better about themselves and life

- embracing their unique beauty and encouraging them to shine -

has always been at the very core of what I love in life

that's why I created My Little Mascara Club:

a supportive community of women

who embrace the opportunity to create more happiness in their life

and share what they know to help others do the same


won't you join us?

hugs + lashes,


PS: Still on the fence? Here's a virtual nudge. Have questions? Here are some answers.

PPS: I can't wait for you to try your new favorite mascara! Get started now.

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