how to apply mascara for maximum volume

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Have you ever thought much about how you apply mascara?

One of the things I did in building My Little Mascara Club is to survey and study bunches of women on EVERYTHING mascara. Some of the things I found made sense (like the fact that we hate smudging, love length, etc). But, the one that surprised me the most was that there are SO many ways we women use to apply mascara. And, that we don’t usually even think to consider that we may apply mascara different from others!

If you are anything like me, you love big, luscious lashes… aka VOLUME. I spent some time determining which mascara application techniques create the greatest volume.  Follow the simple steps below, or get the full scoop in the video above.

There you have it.  How to apply mascara for maximum volume!

PRO TIP: I find that most women are nervous to apply mascara to the top of their upper lashes because they think it will weight or press them down. That is sorta true, which is why it is key to do the lift from below after the application from above, and the final lift + corner pull to seal the deal. : )

Give it a try and let me know what you think!  It can be tricky to change years of muscle memory in how you apply your mascara, but test it out and see if you notice a difference in how your lashes look.  Of course, we believe our unique mascara brush (part straight and part curved) is the perfect tool to use for maximum volume.  But, using this technique with most any mascara should get you more volume, length and curl than you saw before.

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christie kerner

christie kerner

Founder, My Little Mascara Club

Christie has a serious love of all things emotional intelligence + all things business.  She brings a background full of experience in both areas and mixes them together here to create opportunities for women everywhere to get an incredible, innovative mascara along with a dose of inspiration to help them life their best, most zen, life.

When not busy building her biz you’ll find Christie spending time with her family, including her adorable dog Jasper, hosting a game night or trying to help others make their dreams come true.

Her definition of success?  A balanced, peaceful, abundant (and beautiful!) home shared with those she loves combined with an opportunity to create ways to help others find the same.