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our mission

Our mission is to help women feel better about themselves and life

We do that through an incredible, innovative mascara that gives women everywhere unforgettable lashes… but even more so by finding ways to provide tips and inspiration to help real women find real happiness.  Want to get in on the fun?  Place your first order or join our newsletter now.  We can’t wait to have you in the club. <3

My Little Mascara Club was founded by Christie Kerner, a regular mascara-wearing woman like you who simply thought there was a better way. See below for the full story.

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our story

hi, i’m christie

…and I created My Little Mascara Club so busy women like you and me could have big, beautiful lashes without any hassle. <3

I’ve always been a bit of a mascara nut.  I think anyone with blonde hair (and, therefore, blonde eyelashes) can especially relate.  Not that I don’t feel beautiful without it – I’m grateful for what God gave me – but I will admit I rarely leave home without it!  Let’s just say that my phone’s security system doesn’t recognize me without my mascara on… so there’s a distinct difference. (BTW, thanks, phone).

Years ago I fell in love with using trial size mascaras. I found that the shorter wand length made it so much easier to get the precision and volume I wanted. I imagine a dentist trying to work on a patient with tools a foot long, that is how “regular” size mascaras feel to me now.

Over the years I ended up finding various brands I liked for one reason or another: some were nice and black, some offered volume, some had a brush that created curl, some lengthened and some were flake- and smudge-free. But, none had it all… and they ALL got clumpy.

Being the entrepreneurial type, I did the only thing I could. I set out to create a perfect mascara.

First, I surveyed all kinds of mascara wearers to see if others felt the same.  I tried dozens and dozens of commercially available mascaras – everything from the drug store favorites to the most expensive department store ones ($48 for mascara?!? Yikes!) to the latest and greatest innovations (SO many weird brushes – so many).

I researched mascara ingredients, components and technologies for months. Lots of spreadsheets were involved. 😉 And, the concept of a monthly delivery was born. I KNOW you’ve kept a mascara around longer than you intended. And then forgot to pick up a new one when you went to the store. Three times in a row. 😉 You are not alone, girl.

Once I had a set of assumptions to test I worked my way into the cosmetics industry and met all kinds of terrific manufacturers. I started with a list of 150 and after getting to know each a little better I settled into the top 15 to engage with, located all around the world.  Each one gave me a chance to work with their cosmetic scientists to find the perfect combination.  After reviewing over 100 possibilities, and testing them on a small army of women (but never animals!) those spreadsheets zoned in on what is now… The Best Little Mascara Ever.

Happily, our formula contains over 90% natural ingredients. No clumping was a key factor, as was the ability to offer excellent volume in a deep black mascara. We didn’t have to sacrifice length or definition, either. And, there is not even a chance it could flake or smudge. It has such staying power that even my post-massage face is smudge-free… I told my husband I needed to repeat that particular test over and over and over to be sure. 😀

Because we used so few chemical ingredients (which, BTW, is super rare in a mascara!) it feels a bit more like waterproof mascara to remove. That is why I decided to also have the perfect little mascara remover and wipes so your whole lash care routine can be easy (And cute. Because cute is important, too!).

I know that mascara gives many of us a boost of confidence. And, helping women feel better about themselves and life – embracing their beauty from the inside out – has always been core to what I love in life.  My goal with My Little Mascara Club is to create a supportive community of women who embrace the opportunity to create more happy in their life and to help show others how to do the same.

Want to join me? Welcome to the club!